Saving SSD space and Mac OSX Lion

Recently I brought a new top of the line Macbook Pro and I’m very happy with it. But with prices being what they are I opted for the 128 gig SSD. I’ve moved all non essential files elsewhere and about ready to install windows 7 for my normal development environment.

While analyzing used space on the harddisk I noticed a 4.2 gig file sitting in /private/var/vm, sleepimage.

It turns out that this file is always the slightly larger than the amount of RAM in your machine, and isn’t really required for machines with SSD’s installed. Infact it can damage the life of the SSD.

As with anything like this I can’t be held responsible for any damage blah blah blah :-).

From Terminal:

  • $ pmset -g | grep hibernatemode (Hopefully the mode is set to 3, if not then don’t continue).
  • $ sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
  • cd /var/vm
  • sudo rm sleepimage

You should now have reclaimed some valuable space.


Installing NodeJS v.04.2 on Mac OSX

  1. Firstly you need to download the latest version of  NodeJS at the time of writing this the version is v.0.4.2. This can be found at
  2. Extract this to an area of your disk.
  3. Enter Terminal. (I normally type this in the search box to find quickly).
  4. Navigate to your nodeJS directory. cd /MyNodeJs/ <Press Return>
  5. ./Configure <Press Return>
  6. make <Press Return>
  7. sudo make install <Press Return>

Voila you should a successful install of NodeJS.